Let your sleep solve your problems!

'Just sleep on it'. Who doesn't know the saying? This Harvard Health article shows that it actually works this way: we are solving problems in our sleep.

How does it work? 

According to the article, there are essentially two elements that make this happen: shutting down the prefrontal cortex and turning off the neuromodulators norepinephrine and serotonin. Sounds very scientific, but it's actually not that difficult. The prefrontal cortex handles executive decision-making and is all about rational thinking. When it's turned off, your brain can finally associate freely and come with solutions that you would never come up with during the day. This process is enhanced by the turned-off neuromodulators, which makes you able to identify looser connections as valuable and bring fragments of ideas together.

We can't stress it enough: sleep is important!

This is actually a very important process, while it can make you wake up fully relieved, refreshed and determined. But to get this process going, you have to fall at sleep first. This might be difficult, while the problem itself keeps you awake. Quite ironic, because your attempts to solve it before going to sleep will most likely be less effective than your problem-solving sleep mechanism. And if you're waking multiple times during the night because of examples like bad sleeping posture, too much light and noise, you're interrupting this progress as well.

Create the perfect sleeping environment 

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For every problem, we offer a solution. Just like your brain during sleep! ;)