Working from home? We got your back!

These are though times. Since the pandemic, the majority of us is working from home. While in the beginning this actually was a welcome break for some of us, the downsides were becoming more and more clear by time. The lack of social interaction with colleagues, chaotic online meetings, kids running around and don't underestimate this one: being condemned to your own office equipment. 

Most offices are taking good care of our ergonomic needs by offering the right chairs, desks and even standing desks. We're so used to going to work, that a lot of us don't even have a real desk or a proper office chair at home. When working from home became the standard, lots of us ended up at the kitchen table. Resulting in poor posture, which is killing for your back. 

A good, ergonomic office chair can be very expensive. However, we offer you the perfect alternative! With our ProSleepy Daytime Back Support Cushion and ProSleepy Daytime Seat Support Cushion you can transform any chair into a premium seat. Our Back Support Cushion will support you wherever you are and will help to prevent back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, migraines and back and hip injury. The Seat Support Cushion will improve posture and spinal alignment, boost energy and relieve stress, backpain and sciatica. 

Both of them have their individual purposes, so you can choose either one of them. However, combining the two will give you the ultimate seating experience. Try it out now!