Relieve Hip Pain while Sleeping with a Hip Pillow

Hip joint injury x-ray

The hip is the bodies largest ball-and-socket joint. Its design ables the body to withstand repeated motion, but... despite its durability, the hip joint can cause trouble. With age and use, the hip can wear down or get damaged. Muscles and tendons in the hip can get overused. Bones in the hip can also break during a fall or other injury. Your hips might be asking for some extra attention and we are here to help you out with some great hip support pillows.

Hip pain during the day

Since we are moving during the day, you might think that hip pain is more common when you are up and about. But as it turns out, hip pain at night is not rare at all. Whether you have hip pain during the day or at night is actually depending on the cause of the pain. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain, and unfortunately, this can cause discomfort all day and all night. Muscle strains and hip bursitis, inflammation of tiny fluid sacs in the joint, are other typical causes of hip pain. The important thing to remember is that no matter what’s causing your hip pain and when it occurs, it’s best to get it checked. Get a professional to properly diagnose your hip pain is a sure way to get a fitting treatment and prevents problems from getting worse.

Why do hips hurt when you sleep on your side?

A favorite sleeping position for a lot of people is on their side. If you suffer from hip pain, it’s hard to snuggle up and doze off. It can keep you tossing and turning and lose precious shut-eye. As you probably already suspect, side sleeping puts a lot of pressure on the hip joint. That in itself could be enough to cause hip pain, even if you don’t feel any trouble during the day. You can also have pain in the opposite hip, the one that is not on the mattress. This happens when that hip drifts forward, pulling on the joint and putting strain on it.

Hip pillow for sleeping 

Switching to sleeping on your back might be an easy fix. But as with anything in life, change is never easy. You might notice you will automatically end op on your side again. A hip alignment pillow offers a solution in this case. This is a hip pillow especially for side sleepers. Place the pillow between the legs to keep your hips in an aligned position. 

Best pillows for hip pain

- The ProSleepy™ Orthopedic Knee Pillow

The ProSleepy™ Orthopedic Knee Pillow is scientifically designed to restore proper sleeping alignment, that prevents hip pain and helps lead to an ideal body posture. 

- ProSleepy™ Premium Knee Pillow 

The design of the ProSleepy™ Premium Knee Pillow supports and aligns your lower body, relieving pressure on your lower back, hips, and knees while you sleep. This premium pillow also has a strap, so it will stay in place all night, guaranteed!

- The ProSleepy™ Daytime Seat 

When you struggle with hip pain during the day a pillow for hip pain while sitting might offer some relief. The ProSleepy Daytime Seat™ is u-shaped to relieve pressure on the tailbone and relieve back and hip pain. It will assist you in a better posture while working behind your desk.