Beat the heat: 3 tips for good sleep during the summer

While we love the summer, the nights can be quite challenging. Heat, late sunsets, dehydration, pollen energies: all different factors that will have significant impact on your sleep. But what can you do? We'll give you some tips.

1. Take a shower before going to bed

A lot of us made it routine to shower in the morning, but during summertime it can be quite helpful to take a shower in the evening. Cold showers can cool you down by reducing your body temperature. Next to that, they can reduce other factors disturbing your sleep like pain and depression systems. However, a warm shower might do the trick as well! Even though they will initially raise your body temperature, they can reduce your core body temperature during the night. Circulation in your hands and feet will be increased, which improves your body's ability to regulate temperature.

2. Block out sunlight exposure

In earlier mailings, we mentioned the importance of darkness for good sleep. During summertime, this is even more challenging. Due the extended hours of daylight, it might not be dark enough outside when you go to sleep and you will wake up earlier than you would like to. Especially during summer, investing in a good light-blocking eyemask is really something to consider. With our ProSleepy™ Premium Sleep Mask, 100% blackout is guaranteed. Bonus: it covers your ears too, so disturbing noises will be blocked as well!

3. Try a cooling bamboo pillow

The material of your bed, bedding and pillow can have significant impact on keeping you cool at night. For example, bamboo is very summer-friendly. The fibers of the bamboo plant are hollow, and the small gaps and holes in bamboo fibers absorb moisture. They also allow hot air to escape. Therefore, our Original ProSleepy™ Bamboo Cervical Pillow will keep your head cool and dry, even during summer.